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Bella Major


Bella always had a passion for acting (she was cast in various school plays and a student production whilst in university) but shyness got in the way of her making any progress in the field when she was a teenager.... however, everything changed when she hit her 30's, Bella’s life experiences had broadened, confidence grew, as she did my "I don't give a f*** what people think of me" attitude, so when she was thrust in front of a camera as a stand-in for production in 2015 it was as if something had re-awoken inside of me, I absolutely love the craft of performing and made a decision to pursue a career in acting ever since. I have a particular interest in film and TV acting.


Bella Major is known for Scarlett Cross: Agents of D.E.A.T.H. (2022) and Azazel Against It (2020)

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Gregory Cathcart


Paulo Rivera


Ernesto Cantu 

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Paul Willcocks

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