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LGBTIQ Short film "Attempt Number Six"

Attempt Number Six

Life's boundary shattered, death's grip untied. In Attempt Number Six, anything can be defied.


In a world of forbidden knowledge, a magician embarks on a relentless quest to bring his dead lover back to life, risking everything in his pursuit of resurrection.


Attempt Number Six (2023)


"Attempt Number Six" follows Dedi, a magician and experimenter immersed in mystical practices, as he attempts to resurrect his deceased lover, Pierre. Set in the 18th to 19th centuries in a town between modern-day France and Belgium, the story unfolds within the confines of Dedi's dark room. Over the course of 36 hours, Dedi performs five unsuccessful resurrection attempts, each revealing a malevolent force attempting to escape the body. Undeterred, Dedi persists, determined to bring Pierre back to life. The film explores themes of forbidden knowledge and the consequences of tampering with life and death, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and mystery.


The central theme of "Attempt Number Six" revolves around the limits of human ambition and the dangerous consequences that can arise when one delves into forbidden knowledge. The film explores the idea that love and obsession can lead individuals to defy the laws of nature, blurring the boundaries between life and death. The theme also delves into the concept of sacrifice and the lengths one is willing to go to for love, as Dedi risks his own well-being and unleashes dark forces in his desperate attempt to bring Pierre back to life. Ultimately, the story questions the morality of tampering with the natural order of things and serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition and the unforeseen consequences that may arise from such actions.


DEDI [Doug Mackie]
Dedi is the main character of the film, a magician and experimenter in his mid-30s. He is eccentric and deeply immersed in his mystical practices, including experiments with black magic and time manipulation. Dedi is often seen lost in thought, contemplating mysterious subjects. His dedication to resurrecting his deceased lover, Pierre, drives him to pursue forbidden knowledge and delve into the realm of the supernatural.

PIERRE [Mike Televantos] 

Pierre is in his early 30s and serves as Dedi's deceased lover. He is described as having a tender, soft demeanour and a "beautiful soul." Pierre's love for Dedi, coupled with the shame and societal pressures he faced, led him to take his own life by drowning. Despite being deceased, Pierre's body becomes the focal point of Dedi's desperate attempts at resurrection.



Lex Melony


Denis Kaduka


Lex Melony


Alexey Legeza


Lex Melony


Alexey Legeza


Doug Mackie, Mike Televantos

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