Hold me tight (Post-Production)

On every single day of their marriage, Isaac Fridman wrote his wife, Mallory, a love letter, and it’ll take more than just his death to put an end to that.

Mallory and Isaac Fridman have been gloriously, happily married for over 30 years. Isaac works away a lot, and when his daily love letter arrives, as it has done from the moment he met her, Mallory loves to read out the most beautiful parts to her friend, Rosie. Which was fine when Isaac was alive, but now he’s dead, and the letters are still coming, and that makes life very complicated indeed. When Rosie sees Mallory with a well-dressed man, catches a glimpse of her beautiful new necklace and notices something curious about the letters, things threaten to become more awkward still. 


MALLORY - [---]. a woman in her mid-’60s, a loving wife and caring person; sees positivity in almost everything; when fighting for love, she is the first on the list.

ISAAC- [---]. Mallory’s husband and 11 years her junior, charismatic, ‘million dollar smile’, an excellent example of a person who is passionate about his job (travel journalism) but still pay attention to every small detail in his loved one’s life to ensure they never feel like they come second to his job.

ROSIE - [---]. Mallory’s neighbour across the road, a woman, late 50s-early 60s, retired, pretty down to earth and very inquisitive.

DR JAMIE - [---] A friend and colleague of Lucio, Pablo is a straight guy with a roving eye and high sex drive, changing girlfriends frequently. He is very optimistic and seizes each day with both hands, but is intelligent enough to avoid putting himself into dangerous situations. A lover of all things expensive and extravagant, his dream is to one day own a Ferrari. Pablo exudes confidence at all times, but deep down he is a man who is afraid of having lasting relationships and of being responsible for anyone but himself; hence the reason why he changes sex partners as often as he does.

Director/Producer/Writer - Lex Melony


Administrative AD - Ernesto Cantu

Location AD - Alexey Legeza

Camera Operator (1st CO) - Lex Melony

Camera Operator (2nd CO) - Aaron Bergmann

Sound recordist - Maciej Londo

Make-up stylist - Marie Brillant

Key Gripper/ Clapper - Carlos Martinez Gimenez

Screenplay Assistants - Doug Mackie, M.Collins

Composer - Matias Torres

Backstage stills - Aaron Bergmann