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Dean to Debbie

One Trans Woman's Journey to Self-Discovery


This is the story of how one man found his own tribe and created a family out of those who would otherwise be enemies.


Dean to Debbie (2023)

This is a story about overcoming childhood adversity to find happiness in yourself as an adult - something we can all strive for!

The short documentary series, in five micro-episodes, follows Dean’s development from childhood to the present day. They'll tell us how they were able not only survive but thrive, despite many obstacles in place - illustrating that acceptance is key for healing as well! This leads back home again where we find our own tribe and create something more beautiful than ever before.

An amazing transgender woman named Dean Addams shares their story with us. They were born into a military family, but they knew something wasn't right from early on in life - that they had been born in the wrong body. This made it even more difficult because they knew that this was unusual back then in the seventies. So much less information and treatment were available to trans children.

However despite all odds being against them - including coming out to their family and at military school - Dean managed to find joy in singing & acting while also finding family within the artist community. All this helped heal some of the wounds inflicted by family and other people's ignorance and prejudice.

Episode 01  - Beginning of journey

In episode 1, Dean, born in 1966 in Singapore, confronts the challenge of feeling trapped in the wrong body. Despite military relocations, Dean's unwavering desire to express their true gender identity persists. Supported by their mother, Dean embraces their individuality but faces societal pressure when entering an all-boys military school. As puberty hits at the age of 13, Dean contemplates the possibility of transitioning, marking a significant turning point in their journey.

Episode 02 - Coming soon

Release Date: 15 JUL 2023



Lex Melony


Denis Kaduka


Lex Melony


Denis Kaduka


Lex Melony


Denis Kaduka


Dean Addams

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