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Stop It Hurts



A young, passionate fashion designer, Oscar falls in love with his best friend Max and is ready to finally open up about his feelings, but ...


Stop It Hurts (Post-Prod)

Warm-hearted designer-to-be Oscar is genuinely in love with his best friend Max and is ready to open up about his feelings finally, but his lack of confidence and constant interventions of his mother could play a final lousy joke on him.

Our fears are our best enemies very often, but at the same, these “best friends” make us change our lives, challenge ourselves and become stronger and happier versions of ourselves. It works well for those who are strong inside, and the situation pushes them to unleash this inner strength and power to overcome their problems.


With a true belief,  we are in charge of our lives, at least until our last breath.  Almost 80% of people are finding excuses are the most straightforward option instead of fighting the fear and overcoming the problems. 


Oscar is that guy sitting on the seesaw making decisions and struggling to reach ground level. He has an enjoyable life until he feels strong enough to tell his best friend Max about feelings that have been pent up for so long. 

Whatever happened after it’s just a release for so-long-waiting. From point of Oscar’s view, everything looks optimistic and promising in his expectations after this opening up. On the contrary from Max’s point of you, this information won’t change anything, as he doesn’t feel anything toward Oscar. There are no feelings or even simple sexual attraction in Max’s head. That’s logical as if it was something really striking toward Oscar then Max would have acted somehow earlier. 



Lex Melony


Ernesto Cantu


Alexey Legeza



Felice Gioia



Will Taylor Poole


Gonçalo B Cunha


Marina Chichi


Peter Sunderland


Doug Mackie, Matthew Martin, Natalie Cameron Ward


OSCAR [Doug Mackie]
the protagonist, “Mr style and sensuality”, is in his early 30s. Tender and caring. Kind and pure with his passion for work, he works as an assistant to the chief designer for Alessandro Di Lauze fashion company. Regarding relationships, he is the most reliable partner in crime, for anything comes within it. 

MAX  [Matthew Martin] 

best friend of Oscar, early 30s, unrealistic, impulsive, and charismatic, at the same time shy and that makes him so sexy and handsome. Max works for the magazine “Spark Off” and writes his column about new experiences and fetishes. 

CATHERINE [Natalie Cameron Ward] 

Oscar’s mother, early 60s, intelligent, witty, and too forceful with her religious beliefs, pushes her son Oscar to conversion therapy when he is vulnerable and weak with his self-confidence. 

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