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Founder & Creative Director

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Lex Melony is a multi-disciplinary artist, photographer, producer, and filmmaker based in London.

He started as just an average guy living in Ukraine. Still, his life has been one event after another that would not have happened without his courage, steadfast belief in changing things up, and sacrificing a lot during some tough times during his upbringing. He spent time studying abroad before being pulled by destiny to London, where he continued with film industry-related high education courses. and where the taste of life finally appeared, and he began his first artistic projects. These varied from professional photography and art installations to music videos.


His films and photos explore the idea of dynamic images to depict complex personalities, where a single person is unique within their own internal world.


He wants his work to achieve an emotional connection with viewers by questioning what we are all faced with today - themes like humanity or divisiveness that still divide society into different groups even though they should be coming together as one unit (based on how far everyone has come).


Lex Melony's work explores the relationships between individuals and their environments, using film to conduct investigations into human behavior. His films are characterized by natural desires and simple human beings' wishes as well as moments of the emotional register; they offer disturbing but also dreamlike visions that reflect on our lives in contemporary society with thought-provoking questioning at their core.


Lex Melony is known for his short films Because of Love (2020), Azazel Against It (2021), and Hold Me Tight (2022) and the production of music videos. 

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Paul Willcocks

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James Rees

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Chantelle Kallmeier

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Oliver Roy

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