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Script race

As RuPaul so wisely said, 'We need to tell stories that challenge the status quo and give a voice to those who have been marginalised". 

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Start your engines

Welcome to the Queer script competition page, brought to you by independent film production company LEXME.Red! 


We are excited to announce that we are launching this competition to give new voices, stories, and life experiences a platform to be heard. 


At LEXME.Red, we believe in the importance of diverse representation in media and we want to give a chance for these stories to be told.

Major three bullets

  • Submit 1st Race entries from Feb 15 to Apr 15, 2023.

  • Scripts must be 1-15 pages & follow the Rules & Guidelines.

  • Represent LGBTQIA+ characters in the story.

1st Lexme Script Race ⛳️

* Confirm work meets 3 criteria and agree to Rules/Guidelines before submission. 

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